SNAP’s Women’s Business Center receives grant to support businesses impacted by pandemic

SPOKANE, Wash. – This pandemic has been devastating for our economy, forcing many small businesses to shut their doors.

For us, it’s an inconvenience. For the business owners themselves, it’s their livelihood.

Now, small businesses are just trying to stay afloat.

“This is a really emotional time for everybody,” said Nicolle Hansen, Manager of SNAP’s Women’s Business Center.

As of May, 10 Spokane businesses have permanently closed their doors. The Women’s Business Center wants to make sure that doesn’t happen to anyone else.

“We received a grant from the SBA to provide COVID support services for businesses,” Hansen said.

Money from the grant will go towards buying equipment for virtual support, as well as hiring additional staff. More importantly, they’ll be able to bring on more consultants to help business owners in need.

“We welcome anybody to come to us to seek assistance,” said Hansen.

Assistance they believe is needed in a time of uncertainty.

“Having a plan that can have some flexibility into your business model and take advantage of multiple ways of creating revenue will ultimately create stronger businesses,” Hansen said.

Although they’re called the Women’s Business Center, they’re here to help anyone who needs it. More information on the center can be found HERE.