SNAP employees save man’s life outside coffee shop

SNAP employees save man’s life outside coffee shop
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One man owes his life to two SNAP employees that jumped into action to save him during a medical emergency on Tuesday.

Gary Anderson and Tammy Byrnes were leaving a meeting with a client when they saw three individuals surrounding a gentleman lying flat on the sidewalk just outside Vessel Coffee on North Monroe.

“It’s very scary when you’re looking in their eyes and you know that they’re dying,” Anderson said.

The two coworkers investigated only to discover that the man was unconscious and that the bystanders had not yet called 911.

The two immediately jumped into action. Tammy called 911 while Gary knelt down to assess the man’s health.

The man had a very weak heartbeat, but no breathing was detected. Anderson, SNAP’s Lending Manager, immediately began employing the CPR he learned at SNAP on the fallen gentleman.

Incredibly, the CPR was effective in reviving the man. He was talking when first responders arrived and taken to the hospital where he will hopefully receive the treatment he needs. Anderson got to exchange a few words with the man he saved, whose name was Bob, according to Anderson.

“He said ‘thanks man, you saved my life!’ and I said ‘you know Bob, I wish you good health, man. Take care of yourself’ and then the ambulance had him and he went off,” Anderson said.

Financial Services Specialist Tammy Byrnes said she feels fortunate that SNAP offers ongoing first aid and CPR training.

According to the organization, “SNAP is accustomed to helping people out of challenging situations- offering housing, warmth, or a second chance at their dreams. Literally saving lives and bringing people back from the brink though is a new service Gary and Tammy added to our repertoire.”

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