SNAP asks community to prioritize energy assistance appointments for those at urgent risk of shut-off

SPOKANE, Wash. — SNAP is reopening its energy assistance program but is asking people to wait to apply if it is not an emergency. 

The program helps eligible households ease the financial impact of a portion of heating costs. SNAP helps thousands of families each year; In 2020 alone, SNAP provided energy assistance to 11, 170 households. 

But, as the need remains prominent, SNAP is hoping to prioritize those at the most urgent risk of having their services shut off.

“Right now, there are a lot of neighbors who are at risk of their electricity being shut off,” said Carol Weltz, SNAP’s Director of Community Action. “Because of this, we ask that if it’s not an emergency, please wait a couple of months to apply.” 

SNAP will open its block of October appointments on Tuesday at 8 a.m. A new block of appointments opens on the third Tuesday of every month.

“The appointments will still be there next month, and the month after, and the month after that,” Weltz said. “You can really help others in your community by waiting a month or two to apply if you are not at immediate risk of a shut-off.” 

Click here for more information on the program. 

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