Smoky in the house? Try this DIY air filter to breathe easier

box fan

SPOKANE, Wash. — Is the smoke getting to you? Try this do-it-yourself air filter to breathe a little easier.

This project comes courtesy of Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, and allows you to filter out particulates from wildfire and wood smoke. For folks in the Inland Northwest, which has become shrouded in a smoke plume from Washington, Oregon and California’s wildfires, it is an easy and affordable way to clean the air in your home.

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Here’s what you need:

  • 20″ x 20″ box fan
  • 20″ x 20″ x 1″ MERV 13 or FPR 10 filter
  • Power drill
  • 3/4″ screws
  • 2″ corner brackets

Simply fasten the air filter to the back of the fan, so that the air is drawn through the filter for recirculation—fastening it with brackets and screws is the most effective way to do this, but you can just as well use tape or bungee cords if you do not have access to a power drill.

Make sure the connection is tight, as any gaps will let unfiltered air through. Also make sure that the arrows on the filter point toward the front of the fan.

The Clean Air Agency says to use the fan in the room you spend the most time in, and to position the fan toward the middle of the room, away from walls and large objects.

If you are going to use the fan, let it run for at least 10-15 minutes, and also turn it off periodically to keep the fan from overheating.