Smoky air keeps kids from playing in Northwest Cup

SPOKANE, Wash. — The smoke is ruining the final few weeks of summer for everyone, and now kids can’t play soccer or compete in the Northwest Cup.

After a year cooped up, kids still can’t get back to normal. Almost 2,500 kids can’t play soccer at the Spokane Polo Club. It’s too just too smoky and unhealthy for them to be out there.

Smoky skies and empty fields aren’t what anyone wants to see during the Northwest Cup tournament. The weather is keeping youth soccer teams from all across Washington from playing the sport they love.

When the air quality’s over 150, the kids can’t play. After the tough year they’ve had, this feels like an even bigger blow for the tournament’s director Manny Faridnia.

“They all want to play. Because of the COVID and everything else, they’ve been restrained from playing, and they were looking forward to it,” he said.

Looking forward to a tournament that’s been going on for 28 years, Faridnia says he’s used to sunshine and mild temperatures and is just hoping for a miracle to get these kids on the field.

Tournament leaders are hoping the smoke will subside for the rest of the weekend. But if they have to cancel tomorrow’s games, that means for the second year in a row, these kids can’t play in the tournament.

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