Smoke inhalation kills man, pets after a fire breaks out in duplex unit

cda fire

A man and his pets died from smoke inhalation following a couch fire in a duplex unit.

Spokane Fire Department (SFD) responded to a call from the victim’s relative, who had come to check on him. They reported hearing a hissing sound from inside the unit, suspecting a gas leak.

Firefighters determined the hissing was a running faucet, and the found the 27-year-old victim dead in the kitchen, as well as his dog and cat. They also found a burned couch.

An investigation determined that the man awoke around midnight and tried to put out the couch fire, which had already begun filling the unit with black smoke. He turned the faucet on, which he used to fill up a pot as he ran back and forth to extinguish the flames.

He eventually died from smoke inhalation, and the fire later extinguished itself, as it was limited by closed ventilation.

According to the Spokane Fire Department, there were no working smoke detectors in the unit. Neighbors reported hearing some rustling in the adjoining unit, but were unaware of any smoke or fire.

The Fire Department urges residents to evacuate at the first sign of a fire, closing the door behind them and calling 911. They also report that working smoke detectors are imperative, and save lives.