Smoke and dust in air pose great risk for those with respiratory health conditions

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — Wildfires are impacting our air quality as smoke and dust settle into the region.

That smoke and dust make it difficult for some to get outside and enjoy the outdoors.

Smoke and dust from fires cause minor allergy symptoms to flare up, such as sneezing or having a stuffy nose.

Dr. Ben Arthurs, a pulmonary doctor with the Spokane Valley Hospital, reminds us that those with respiratory health conditions may have a completely different story.

“It can be as severe for people who are asthmatic or with chronic lung disease as landing them in the hospital, so it’s important to be taken seriously,” Arthurs said. “Recognize that these particulates are the same types of things that you get from tobacco smoke or potentially vaping so it’s one of those other exposures that we know has significant respiratory health consequences.”

Arthurs said if you start to have trouble breathing, you should see your medical provider right away.

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