SkyFest 2019 releases new security guidelines

SkyFest 2019 releases new security guidelines
Fairchild Air Force Base

SkyFest kicks off this Saturday – a celebration of Pacific Northwest air force power, as well as 77 years of partnership with the community. With the big event right around the corner, Fairchild Air Force Base has released new guidelines on what to bring and where to go.

You can enter through both the main gate at Highway 2 or the gate at Rambo Road. From there, you will be directed to parking. Limited handicap parking will also be available.

Air Force authorities said all visitors are subject to a search by Fairchild security, but they can make exceptions for certain medical items. However, not everything is safe to bring, so they have provided a comprehensive list of items.

Prohibited items include:

Drink coolers
Large bags, unless they are see-through
Weapons or personal defense items
Flammable items
Alcohol or recreational drugs
Glass bottles/liquids without a factory seal
Silly string/Spray paint/Permanent markers
Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, etc.
Pets (except for service animals)
Remote-controlled devices (drones, scanners, walkie-talkies, etc.)
Laser pointers

Other items are generally safe, but may require approval from Fairchild security.

Authorized items include:

Transparent/mesh bags, medium-sized
Small clutch bags
Fanny packs, diaper bags
Hand-carried items
Pocket knives (less than a 3.5” blade)
Baby bottles/formula
Stroller or child wagon
Service animals
Plastic/glass bottles with factory seal intact

To make things easier, Fairchild suggests you bring sunscreen, lawnchairs, cameras/camcorders, and an empty, reusable bottle. Free water stations will be provided inside the venue. Most importantly, they want to remind you to not leave animals or children in your vehicle – it’s going to be a warm one!

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