Skogen Gets 13 Years For Child’s Death

Skogen Gets 13 Years For Child’s Death
Skogen Gets 13 Years For Child's Death

 A packed courtroom Friday greeted Amanda Skogen, the 26-year-old Post Falls babysitter facing sentencing for the death of a 3-year-old toddler last fall.

For nearly six hours family and friends on both sides of the courtroom gave testimony on behalf of both 3-year-old Cohen Johnson and the defendant, Amanda Skogen, which culminated with Skogen giving a prepared statement to the court.

Johnson died from injuries sustained after being knocked to the ground by Amanda Skogen last Oct. 4. The Post Falls woman was babysitting Cohen, the son of her husband’s childhood buddy, Jeremy Johnson.

“I feel guilt, because I was not there to protect my son when he needed me most. It was my choice to leave him in Amanda’s care,” Jeremy Johnson said in court Friday.

At first, Skogen lied about what happened to everyone, failing a polygraph test and finally saying she lost her temper. Cohen had been sick, and peed himself.

“I still feel angry when Amanda lied to me, and my family, and all the authorities, when my son’s very life depended on the truth,” Johnson said.

For the first time, Skogen offered words of remorse as she addressed the court, and the little boy’s family.

“I want everyone to know that my actions on October 4th are no way a reflection of the way that I was raised or the way I’ve lived my life for the last 25 years,” Skogen said.”I don’t want people to think I hate children or continually wish them harm.”

Judge Fred Gibler sentenced Skogen to 13 years in prison, with four years fixed. After that, the court will re-evaluate her case and determine how and if the remaining 9 will have to be served.