Sister Cities ‘Connections’ Garden now open in Riverfront Park

Sister Cities ‘Connections’ Garden now open in Riverfront Park
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The Sister Cities Connections Garden is now open in Riverfront Park. 

The Sister Cities “Connections” Garden officially opened Friday with a ceremony in Riverfront Park.

The garden celebrates Spokane’s sister cities of Limerick, Nishinomiya, Jilin, Jecheon, Cagli, and also honors the Salish tribes of Spokane. It is located at the previously known Japanese Pavilion from
the Expo ’74 World’s Fair.

In attendance were Mayor David Condon, Presidents of Spokane’s sister cities, delegates from Nishinomiya and Limerick, and a Korean consul member.

The architecture behind the garden was created with local river cities in mind. The garden contains blue and green curved pathways that symbolize the waterways that connect Spokane with our sister cities.

The art inside the garden features a Irish Harp created by Paula Turnbull (creator of Spokane’s beloved Garbage Goat), a half-sized replica of the Imazu Lighthouse in the bay in Nishinomiya and a five-foot-high Kokanee Steel salmon sculpture for the Salish Tribes. Plans for artwork from Jilin, Jencheon and Cagli are underway.

Art plays a key role in the garden, featuring sculptures from partnerships with Limerick, Ireland, Nishinomiya, Japan and Spokane itself.

The garden also includes six concrete panels of a rock-walk reflexology path developed by youth delegates at the 2005 Sister Cities International Conference held in Spokane.

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