Silverwood’s new roller coaster ‘Stunt Pilot’ opens this weekend

ATHOL, Idaho — Silverwood’s newest roller coaster — Stunt Pilot — officially opens this weekend. 

4 News Now’s Destiny Richards got the opportunity to ride the new attraction and she said it lives up to the hype. 

The ride is less than a minute long, but once you get going and get to that first drop… it seems to go on forever.

The Stunt Pilot is definitely for thrill seekers and will have you flying high. Luckily, not as high as the airshow planes of the past, for which the ride is named after. 

If you plan to visit the theme park, know that the ride has been tested multiple times, by humans and dummies alike. 

“This train moves continuously through the station so it moves at a really slow pace so we can keep up the capacity,” said Jordan Carter, Director of Marketing. “So you can jump in, pull down your restraint and if everything goes perfectly, we get to the end as the restraints are done, you go up the lift hill.”

Once you get off the Stunt Pilot, remember the ride by picking up some merch at the gift shop! 

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