‘Shots for shots’: Local retirement community throws party to celebrate getting vaccinated for COVID-19

SPOKANE, Wash. — A local retirement community celebrated getting vaccinated by literally knocking COVID-19 down. 

Residents and staff at Fairwinds Retirement Community were some of the first to be vaccinated for the virus. They celebrated taking that shot with more shots- only, this time, alcohol was involved. 

“It was an amazing day at our community, one that we have looked forward to for so long,” said Jamie Bravato, general manager at Fairwinds Spokane. 

Residents were offered shots of champagne, as well as Jell-O shots, “administered” with syringes. A COVID pinata was also provided, which residents took full advantage of beating down. 

“Participation from both residents and staff was amazing and really showed how we are doing our part to work towards ending this pandemic,” said Bravato. “Not to mention we had a lot of fun doing it!”

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