US Marshal shoots wanted man in Hillyard

SPOKANE, Wash. — A US Marshal shot a wanted man outside of the Agnes Kehoe Place building in Hillyard Monday afternoon.

Spokane Police say that officers were investigating a shooting near Desmet and Magnolia on Sunday night, and received a call from a nearby hospital that they had a patient with gunshot wounds.

Major Crimes joined the investigation and identified 42-year-old convicted felon Kevin J. Gellnes, charging him with first-degree assault.

According to a spokesman for the US Marshals Service, a member of the Fugitive Task Force had found and started to arrest Gellnes near E Everett Ave and N Regal St. on Monday. During the arrest, Gellnes reportedly pulled out a handgun and the task force marshal responded by shooting the suspect.

Gellnes was taken to the hospital and still faces the first-degree assault charges.