Shock Amend Noisemaker Policies

Shock crush Kiss, despite injury to Meyer

The Spokane Shock announced an amendment to its noise-maker policies. Cowbells and vuvuzelas will be allowed in the Spokane Arena for the upcoming 2012 season.

Artificial noise-makers (such as compressed or diaphragm air horns, whistles, drums, cymbals etc) however will not be allowed in the Arena. The Shock also reserves the right to remove a noisemaker of any kind if it is interfering with other fans enjoyment of the game.

Earlier this off-season the Spokane Arena was deemed the rowdiest crowd in the 25-year history of the AFL.

“There is no question that we have the best fans in the AFL, bar-none,” Director of Ticket Sales Andrew Dolan said. “We want to take advantage of our home field while maintaining the family fun atmosphere that we have provided for our fans the last six seasons.”

In celebration of the 25 th Anniversary of Arena Football, the 2012 season has been dubbed the “Year of the Fan.”

Spokane opens the 2012 season on March 12 th as it hosts the Iowa Barnstormers at 7 PM.