Shining Star: West Valley’s Kelli Peckham

Shining Star:  West Valley’s Kelli Peckham

Whenever your grade point average is higher than your earned run average, you’re doing something right.

Last year Kelli Peckham posted a 1.18 ERA, while maintaining a 4.0 GPA.  “It’s really hard because I practice year round,” says the West Valley senior.  I never stop practicing softball, but I’ve just learned how to manage my time.

“She plays on a select team that has played virtually all over the country during the summer and into the fall.  This truly is a sport that she loves and wants to play,” adds her coach, Paul Cooley.

Shining Star: West Valley’s Kelli Peckham

She also managed an 18-2 last season, leading West Valley to a quarterfinal appearance in the 2A state tournament, something she’d like to improve on in 2012.  “I would like to place at least top three – hopefully win.”

Her head coach also knows she can get the Eagles there.  “I’ve had a number of pitchers that have gotten us to state tournaments and Kelly’s done an outstanding job for us.”
Not only is she the face of the Eagles, but she’ll also be the face of a limited edition cream soda for Jones Soda.  “My friend Randall took a picture and I guess it’s going to be on a soda bottle,” says Peckham.  “I thought it was kind of funny because I didn’t even know he took the picture, and then one day, he just randomly told me about it.  I was just like “oh well I want to go get one now.””

And if your face is on a soda label? Once again, you’re doing something right.

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