Shining Star: The East Valley Knight with a season to remember

The GSL soccer season is winding down and for seniors and their high school soccer careers are almost over.

For one East Valley Knight– it was a season to remember, simply because she was on the field.

That’s because Lexi Thompson got the news last year she was living with multiple sclerosis. Basically, her autoimmune system is attacking nerves in her brain and spinal cord.

“Honestly, I had no idea what MS was and so it was a complete shock and not what I thought was wrong at all,” Thompson said.

For Thompson, MS makes her legs go numb when she runs for soccer, which isn’t ideal.

Despite the diagnosis, her doctors said she was good to get on the field and play soccer her senior year.

The lessons Thompson learned go beyond how to deal with MS. She’s also learning how to enjoy things a little more.

“I think it really taught me not to take things for granted and you never know what’s going to happen, just live every day and just don’t take things for granted.”

That’s pretty good advice from one tough young lady. That’s why she’s this week’s Shining Star.

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