Shining Star Senior Night: Odessa was one baseball season away from a triple championship

ODESSA, Wash. — There are no live sports to watch right now on TV or listen to on the radio, but that’s allowed for some incredible sports stories to materialize. It gave us the chance at 4 News Now to road trip out to Odessa this week, where their senior class helped them dominate in football, win the school’s first-ever state basketball title, and a chance to do even more.

Marcus King: “They’re all my brothers, I’ve spent every day for as long as I can remember with most of them.”

Camden Weber: “They mean everything, you know? They’ve been my best friends since like I said since I could walk, we were out hanging out every day and I’ve spent every day with them that I can.”

Since they could walk, eight boys at Odessa High School have spent those days throwing footballs and baseballs, or dribbling basketballs all the way up until their season year.

Coach Larry Weber: “From the time we took them to play AAU basketball to little league to whatever, it’s just been a, it’s been a special ride.”

They were making history in their final season together. Undefeated state champs in football, and more of the same in basketball.

Marcus King: “I mean when we were younger, our heads were at “we’re gonna win 12 state championships, we’re going to win every one every year. and as we got older, it became more realistic, and I think it was the end of last year that we could actually get it done in all three.”

Four of the eight seniors play all three sports, but five were set to return to the Tigers for baseball season. They were ready to complete the triple championship, until their season was cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Camden Weber: “It just kind of shook me, not a whole lot, it just kind of seemed unreal and didn’t know what to think.”
Marcus King: “I would just say it sucks, I don’t know it just sucked. We kind of knew it was coming though, so yeah it just sucked.”

Their chances to take home a state baseball title in 2020 were very good. They were runners-up last year and only one player graduated from that team. But as every senior spring athlete has been forced to do, they accepted it and are trying to find the positives.

Camden Weber: “Other than the fact that we can’t play baseball, it’s tough to beat an undefeated year so far, not losing in football or basketball so that’s pretty cool to be able to say, we’re proud of that, just to be able to win two championships for our community was great.”

Marcus King: “I think our community will talk about this group that we’ve had the past couple years and a couple more years to come.”

Growing up, this group of 2020 seniors never could’ve imagined their final season together being cancelled. It’s now a giant “what if.” But, because of everything they’ve accomplished in their time, younger Tigers will now dream of a more optimistic “what if.”

Coach Larry Weber: “You know in these small towns, the history and the tradition is there forever, and i think the little boys in you know, second and third grade, how they have something to aspire to and to look up to, to see if ‘could we actually do what this group of boys did for the community of Odessa.”