Shining Star Senior Night finale: East Valley’s Hillyard triplets and honoring coaches

SPOKANE, Wash. — Over the past few months, we’ve tried to give recognition to as many senior spring athletes as possible that had no idea they already took their last swing, ran their final race or were a part of a team for the last time because of the coronavirus. We’re proud to have honored over 300 local student-athletes as our Shining Star Senior Night comes to an end.

We’re honoring the Hillyard triplets from East Valley High school. Destiny, Jake and Dani Hillyard will all graduate with honors and are involved in clubs and student government at the school.

Destiny Hillyard: A three-sport athlete who played volleyball, basketball and golf. She never got to finish her final season of golf.

Jake Hillyard: A premier soccer player who also saw his high school season canceled this Spring, Jake was hit hard by this because he didn’t get to compete at all in his senior year. He was a manager for the girl’s soccer team.

Dani Hillyard: A volleyball player and cheer captain, Dani was key to to mentoring next year’s cheer squad, but that was interrupted when all spring sports were shut down.

So many of the coaches that spent time with all of these athletes were also heartbroken by the coronavirus. They often teach these athletes in the classroom as well, and most of the nominations we received from coaches detailed how disappointed they were in not getting to see these seniors live out their hard work this season.

We see the time and hours they’ve poured into their jobs as teachers and coaches, and hope they realize how fundamentally necessary they are in our community.