Shining Star Senior Night: Central Valley and Liberty cousins, Lake City golf

SPOKANE, Wash. – To have the finale of your high school or collegiate athletic career halted in such an abrupt way, as it was for our local athletes because of the coronavirus pandemic, leaves all of them with a giant ‘what if’ as they get ready for their next step in life.

There’s no way to make up for the lost season of games, practices, memories and relationships built with teammates that some of them have played with growing up.

On Sunday, April 5 we honor two cousins that play basketball at different schools, but led Central Valley and Liberty High School to state championships in basketball this season; Michael Pitts and Maisie Burnham.

Lake City senior Kyla Currie is also honored tonight, as she ends an impressive high school golf career. Her coach Corey Owens had so many good things to say about her.