Shining Star: Rosalia’s Briann Maley

Shining Star: Rosalia’s Briann Maley

This past December, Briann Maley made history by becoming the first girls basketball player to eclipse the 1,000 point mark at Rosalia High School.

“This is the best season that I know I’ve had in high school so far.  So it’s just that all that hard work is finally paying off,” Briann says.

“She’s made a huge commitment to become not only a good player but an outstanding player,” Coach David St. John adds.

Shining Star: Rosalia’s Briann Maley

Outstanding describes just about everything Maley does, from the volleyball court, to the classroom, to the softball field, her determination is what sets her apart.

“It’s that commitment and that discipline that she’s got to not only be involved in something, but do it to the best of her capabilities and she strives to be the best at whatever she works at,” St. John says.

The best leaders raise the level of those around them, and at a small school like Rosalia, that means all hands on deck, freshmen to seniors.

“I try to really encourage the younger girls – get them involved so that when they see that, they realize ‘oh she cares about me, she wants me to get better,'” Briann explains.
“She’s a calming presence on the floor.  When we’re in a tough ball game, she’s the one that the girls look to,” St. John adds.

And the Spartans are hoping Briann’s not done making history… a trip to the state tournament would also go down in the books.

“That’s really been a goal since I started playing basketball.  A girls team has never been to state and we really want to make it there,” Briann says.

And given Rosalia’s success thus far, they should get a chance to play at Spokane Arena in March.