Shining Star: Pullman’s Chris Li

This past weekend, Pullman High School won it’s fourth straight league and district title.  Their top performer also happens to be a 3.9 student and this week’s shining star:  Chris Li.

After winning the 200 IM and being a part of two other relay wins in Ellensburg, Li was named the District Swimmer of the Year.  “I come to practice, try to be really dedicated, and it’s worked out for me,” says Li.

“He’s determined. He wants to do things and he knows what it takes to get there so he works really hard,” adds Greyhounds head coach Ed Davis.

Shining Star: Pullman’s Chris Li

Chris is one of many standout students on the Greyhounds team, and he credits multi-tasking as a large part of that success.  “Swimming for me is free time.  You can even start doing your homework in the pool – start thinking about what you want to write your essay on, what type of math problems you have.”

As a senior captain, Chris doesn’t just want the team to succeed this year, but to continue on a tradition of dominance.  “He’s made sure that everybody knows why we’re here, why we’re working hard, what it takes to go to state and be in the top-four as a team,” says Davis.

“When we get to state, we get to the big boys, you know, things get tough,” adds Li.

And after a third place finish in each of the last two years, the Greyhounds expect to be one of the teams to beat, and their best swimmer carries that confidence.  “It looks like we’ll be contending for second or first, that would be the first time we’ve ever won state as a swim team.  That would be fantastic.”