Shining Star proves hard work pays off

SPOKANE, Wash. — As we approach the end of the winter sports schedule, many high school seniors are seeing their careers come to an end, and many have been leading their varsity teams for years, but for others the journey just to make the team has been a milestone.

“I think I first touched a basketball since I could walk honestly. I’ve had like little hoops in my house and it’s been my favorite sport like my whole life,” said Owen Jackson

For some, a sport can be a hobby, but for Gonzaga Prep High School senior Jackson, his life is built around it.

“I grew up in Portland, my favorite team was the blazers. I’ve been a huge blazers fan my whole life and I’ve just loved it like more and more each year,”

So you’re probably expecting someone like Owen to be a four-year varsity letterman, earning all-league and state honors throughout his time at prep right?  Well it’s actually been quite the opposite journey.

“This is my first year on varsity. I played freshman and then Junior Varsity…and then this year is my first year,” said Jackson

“He’s kind of taken the road less traveled and it hasn’t been an easy road. It hasn’t been about instant gratification…And he’s kind of just stuck it out, here he is as a senior starting for us. We’re deep into the playoffs now,” added Matty McIntyre the Head Coach.

That hard work has paid off, as Owen says this season has gone even better, than he possibly could have imagined, as he became a starter midway through the season.  So what’s his message for kids who are also trying to make their dreams come true?

“Even if I really wasn’t playing at the beginning of the year. I’d just say keep doing what you do. Focus on what got you on the team in the first place and just try to do all the little things,” said Jackson.