Shining Star: Post Falls’ Luke Thoreson

Luke Thoreson is smart enough to attend just about any college in the country… But choosing Williams College in northwest Massachusetts?  Not an obvious choice.

“I went over for a recruiting trip for Ivy league schools and their coach was at one of the camps, and so we started talking, and I took a visit this spring, and really liked it,” Thoreson says.

Williams isn’t an Ivy league school, but Forbes magazine has ranked it as the best undergraduate institution in the United States, ahead of any Ivy League school.

Luke Thoreson

“I know by just the letters of reference that I had to do for him, it’s a high-level school,” Trojans head coach Mike McLean recalls.


And while Luke will play basketball for the Ephs (EEPHS), he won’t have the luxury of an athletic scholarship because Williams is a division-3 school. 


“I mean it’s a big deal just to get accepted there.  I’m just working for every scholarship I can get,” Thoreson says.

In the mean time, he and the rest of his teammates have unfinished business at Post Falls, where the Trojans are looking to win their 2nd state title in the last three years.


“The guys who came before them kind of raised the bar.  And this group of seniors, Luke included, have just raised it even higher,” McLean says.

“We’re confident where we are, and we’re looking to win three more games,” Thoreson claims.

And come next fall, Luke will try to maximize his abilities some 22-hundred miles across the country…


“You know it’s bittersweet.  They’re going to miss me and I’m going to miss them, but they know it’s a great opportunity,” Thoreson says.

An opportunity so great that maybe choosing Williams was an obvious choice.