Shining Star: Moscow’s Raelynn Gosse

Shining Star:  Moscow’s Raelynn Gosse

Philip Humber’s performance against the Mariners reminded us of just how special a perfect game can be.  But very few people can actually relate to it.  This week’s Shining Star, however, can.

“I was actually really excited – my parents bought me ice cream so that’s always good,” says Raelynn Gosse of Moscow High School.

“I know she never let her smile go,” adds Bears’ catcher Dezerae Maxey.
Troy sent 15 batters to the plate against Gosse and none of them reached first base.  Her teammates broke the cardinal rule and made sure she knew exactly what was on the line.

Shining Star: Moscow’s Raelynn Gosse

“Throughout the innings, we were like ‘Oh Raelynn, don’t let your perfect game go, you gotta keep your perfect inning’ – trying to make it a little tougher on her,” says Maxey.

And even with that, Raelynn says the pressure didn’t really get to her.  “It was mostly just like I had the confidence built up, so that was good, and I knew I could count on my team to help me out.”

Which is just like how her team depends on her, not only to be the ace on the mound and the team’s best hitter, but also a leader.  “The way that she goes in games in practices is the way that the team goes. She’s pretty much the determining factor,” says Moscow head coach Don Mecham.

Perfection is nothing new for the Moscow senior.  In fact it’s probably the only way to describe her academic career, summed up by a perfect 4.0 GPA.  “I’m really hard-working, and I don’t like to give up. I’m also really stubborn, so when I feel like I can do something better than I will, and I won’t stop until I do,” says Gosse.

Her coach seconds that.  “If there’s something going on with her grades, she’s all over it. That ain’t happening, we’re staying at a 4.0.”

A determination that could only be described as a strive for perfection.