Shining Star: Lewis & Clark’s Katie Larson

Shining Star:  Lewis & Clark’s Katie Larson

To earn a Presidential Scholarship at USC is a huge accomplishment, one which reflects on a person’s merit, not just their academic standing. This week’s Shining Star earned that award while playing three instruments (flute, alto sax, piano), and two varsity sports (golf and volleyball).
If you find golf to be a frustrating game, you might want to take the perspective of Lewis & Clark’s Katie Larson, who finds relaxation on the links.
“Stay loose, and just play, have fun,” says Larson. “Think one shot to the next and don’t get caught up if I have a bad shot, just move on.”

Shining Star: Lewis <><><><><><><><><><>& Clark’s Katie Larson/ap”Katie is that constant motivator,” says Tigers head coach Michelle Grafos. “She’s really the heart of the team. I mean she always comes in with a score that helps our team.”br/Including last week, when the LC valedictorian took a final exam and then went out and shot an 80 in the first round of Districts.  “I had my BC Calculus test in the morning and then came right out, got changed, warmed up, went out and played. Turned out to be a good round.”br/Katie plays as the number-four for the Tigers, who recently won their 9th straight League”Golf is such an individual sport,” adds Grafos.  “You have to still build a strong team 1-6 and she’s really been an instrumental part in our success over the last few years.”br/Says Larson, “I’m kind of the encourager of the team. I keep it lively, keep it nice and funny.”br/Personality which shines through when asked if she uses her math and science background to help her on the golf”Ok maybe a little… I bring out a protractor sometimes and measure the angles… [you don’t really though] … no I don’t.”br/That would go against Katie’s motto: stay loose, just play, have fun./p