Shining Star: Gonzaga Prep’s Jazmine Brown

Shining Star:  Gonzaga Prep’s Jazmine Brown

Most times in sports, you know when you’ve broken a record. But when Jazmine Brown cleared 5-feet 4-inches in the high jump her sophomore year, she didn’t even know how high she could go.

“He didn’t tell me the height, he was like ‘just go for it!’ So I went over, and he goes ‘you broke a school record!’ I was so happy – I was so thankful that he did that,” recalls Brown, now a senior at Gonzaga Prep.

“We actually told her that it was 5’2″ because we didn’t want her to worry about it, and then after she made the jump, we told her that she had set the school record,” says Bullpups head coach Joe Feryn.

Shining Star: Jazmine Brown

What was more challenging for Jazmine, was battling a torn ACL in her junior year.

“It was tough but I came through it,” says Brown.

Adds Feryn, “She’s back now. She’s just been a great kid – smart and conscience and hard working.”

Those same qualities have also made the senior a near-perfect student at Gonzaga Prep.

“It’s hard work but I think that friends help out and teachers are great. Just a lot of support,” says Brown.

And support is something that Jazmine’s familiar with providing, as one of the Bullpup’s leaders.

“She’s a silent leader,” says Feryn.  “She’s the kind of kid that everybody else observes what she is doing and learns from what she’s doing.”

Says Brown, “I try to inspire other people, get them going, because when I see potential in them, I try to help them see it, too.”