Shining Star: Davenport’s Miranda Mielke

Miranda Mielke can basically score at will… She averages about 25 points per game and has already put up 500 points this season, and 1500 for her career.

“Scoring as much as I do, it doesn’t come alone at all.  I’d like to thank my teammates, especially my varsity starters – they go above and beyond – they push me to be my best,” Mielke says.

“She knows that if we need points, she’s going to work her rear end off and get steals on defense, get lay-ins, she can crank a three,” Davenport head coach Jackie Allen adds.

Shining Star: Davenport’s Miranda Mielke

It’s also no fluke that she makes more than she misses.

“Ever since I could basically walk – I’ve been a gym rat all my life,” Mielke recalls
“She’ll come in on Sundays, shoots seven days a week, constantly in the gym shooting,” Allen says.

The hard work that’s made her successful on the court and in the classroom is something that Miranda learned early on, working on her family’s wheat farm and cattle ranch.

“Her parents make her go out and do cows, and feed cows, and do all that, so she works hard,” Allen tells us.

“Wintertime Sunday morning I’m up at 6:30 feeding cows,” Mielke says.

As for basketball, the senior is looking to make one last push in the playoffs.
“If we play like we can play in the regional tournament, we can knock of teams that people won’t expect,” Mielke says.

And a win against unbeaten Reardan in the second round of districts would certainly qualify.