Shining Star: CV’s Anthony Brommer

Shining Star: CV’s Anthony Brommer

You wouldn’t know it by watching Anthony Brommer hit his game-winning shot against Rogers, but very rarely does he cause a lot of commotion.

“At times I guess I can be a little shy,” says Brommer, a senior at Central Valley High School.

His coach concurs.  “He’s a shy, shy boy so sometimes he’s hard to read because he doesn’t show a lot of emotion,” says Rick Sloan.

Anthony Brommer

But that’s just Brommer’s personality.  His performance on the floor is a much different story.

“I nicknamed him the beast because he’s a competitor and he gets after it.  He’s a catalyst for us, he’s a work horse for us inside,” says Sloan.

Brommer’s just happy contributing anyway he can.  “Whenever I can, I put some extra points on the board, or try to help them out by setting good screens.”

Brommer was one of the main reasons Central Valley advanced to the 4A quarterfinals in football, which is why the Bears had to rely on team chemistry to get through a slow start in basketball. “We’ve gotten to know each other better and better throughout the years, and now this year, we’ve been able to put it all together as one team.”

Sloan credits the Bears big man as a main reason for their early season success.  “I think we were able to get through that because of seniors like Anthony who were mentally tough enough to help us fight through those early games until we got our basketball legs.”

Since then, CV’s won 16-straight, including a GSL and district title, which has led to an increase in confidence.

“He’s coming out of his shell and starting to smile a little more which is good to see,” adds Sloan.

Looks like the beast isn’t shy about winning.