Shining Star: Cheney High School’s Evan Cook

Cheney advances to 2A state quarters with overtime win

Cheney’s Evan Cook is a busy kid.

“A lot of late nights and a lot of hard work and now a whole lot of video games,” Cook says.

He spends his time doing the real thing. Evan has played varsity basketball for three years and has been on the varsity soccer team for four seasons, a captain the last two.

“He has a good rapport with everyone on the team so they respect him and they listen to him and I think that’s one of the greatest things, that there’s a great chemistry and it starts with him,” coach Mark Kiver says.

But Evan realized at an early age that sports and school weren’t enough, so he started playing the piano.

“I was in kindergarten and just needed something more to do so I just started taking lessons and a couple years ago I kind of fell in love with it,” Cool exclaims.

Evan is a little nervous for his senior recital which is on Sunday.

“A little bit, got some stuff I have to work on but should be great,” Cook says.

He hopes to ace that, then get another monkey off his back later this spring by winning a state title.

Shining Star: Cheney’s Evan Cook

“Freshman and sophomore years, just heartbreaking losses… but this year we’ve got the team to do it I think and we’re looking pretty positive towards the future,” Cook explains.

If the season ends with a championship, you can be sure Evan will make time in his busy schedule to celebrate.