Local school uses garden to encourage kids to try new food

SPOKANE, Wash. — Learning doesn’t just happen in classrooms.

A local school is using a garden to teach students about food, math and other subjects.

At Shiloh Hills Elementary, students now have a garden to get a different kind of education. It’s part of Project Learning Garden. The school said it received five beds, soil, a kitchen cart and starter plants.

The plants and gardening process will encourage students to try new foods as well as teach them about history, and where fruits and veggies come from.

The garden will also let them experiment with their environment to learn math and more.

“Research has shown that if kids learn about where their food comes from and try them at an early age, they’re more likely to have good eating habits throughout their life,” said Marty Ordman, Dole Packaged Foods spokesperson.

The school said it got the garden as part of a contest sponsored by Albertson’s, Safeway, Dole Packaged Foods and the Captain Planet Foundation.

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