Sheriff’s Office investigating death at Spokane Valley hotel

Sheriff’s Office investigating death at Spokane Valley hotel
Kat Wilcox/Pexels

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death of a man at the Rodeway Inn hotel in Spokane Valley.

Deputies were called to the hotel at 6309 East Broadway Avenue Nov. 6 when a guest walked into the hotel lobby covered in blood. According to court documents, the man had a large cut on his arm and hotel staff believed he was suicidal.

The man told deputies he believed another man attacked him. Deputies noted the man was “difficult to understand and could not stay focused on questions longer than a few seconds…” according to court documents.

Hotel staff asked deputies to trespass the man from the property. He was taken to Deaconess Hospital to have his arm treated. Deputies interviewed a woman who said she was staying with the man — she said they used heroin together, adding that the man was diabetic and had recently administered a dose of insulin. After taking the insulin, the witness said the man stated “acting crazy and threw her belongings into the hallway.” The woman became scared and ran down to the hotel lobby, according to court documents.

Deputies went inside the room and noted everything appeared to be tidy and in order.

The following afternoon, a hotel housekeeper entered the man’s room to clean and found him lying on the floor near the window. She assumed he was sleeping and went to clean other rooms. She told hotel management the man had returned.

Staff called 911 to have the man removed. They opened his door and discovered the man was not breathing. Medics later pronounced him dead.

While entering the man’s room, a deputy noticed the door frame was heavily damaged “as though someone had forced the door open,” according to court documents. The television was missing and the room was cluttered with food scattered across the dresser. Deputies noticed a $100 bill and Bluetooth speakers, sitting on the dresser the day before, were missing.

In the search warrant, a detective said based on the condition of the room, “it is possible some sort of altercation took place resulting in the death of the victim.”

This is a developing story. More information will be added as it becomes available.