Sheriff meets with Malden community to create rebuilding plan

Malden Community Meeting 2
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MALDEN, Wash. — Members of the Malden community met with the Whitman County Sheriff on Wednesday to begin creating a rebuilding plan.

On Labor Day, the majority of the town was burned to the ground by a wildfire, with only 20 of the 120 homes surviving. Neighboring Pine City was also devastated by the fire.

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One of the first steps in rebuilding will be to clean up the devastation. Sheriff Brett Myers told Malden homeowners he hopes to have a team of scrappers who can collect scrap metal from homes, which will help residents clear out burnt property.

Myers also provided forms for people who need to get rid of burnt cars.

During the meeting, one woman expressed concern about looters, saying she believes her lock was touched overnight.

Myers said he does not believe there are looters running around Whitman County, but wanted people to report any possible incidents.

Cleanup is already underway and the town will continue to hold meetings every Wednesday and Saturday at 11 a.m. The meetings will be held to discuss recovery, including resources, cleaning and handling hazardous materials. The meetings will continue as long as the community needs them.

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