Sheriff Knezovich ‘not surprised’ Rep. Shea accused of domestic terrorism

A longtime critic of Rep. Matt Shea, Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich says he’s not surprised that Spokane Valley Rep. Matt Shea is accused of domestic terrorism.

Sheriff Knezovich has said for years that Shea’s actions don’t reflect the values of the Republican Party. In fact, in August, Knezovich called for Republicans to remove Shea from state leadership positions, which is what happened Thursday in the wake of a damning report accusing Shea of political violence and domestic terrorism.

“I’ve been telling you all that for many years, ever since the Bundy situation in Nevada,” Knezovich told 4 News Now’s Aaron Luna Thursday afternoon. “So, that didn’t surprise me whatsoever.”

Sheriff Knezovich said he hoped the FBI would look at the report released Thursday, which is exactly what the Chief Clerk of the Washington House of Representatives is asking of the federal agency.

The clerk forwarded the report to both the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.