Sharp Ave officially re-opened with upgrades after four months of construction

Sharp Ave officially re-opened with upgrades after four months of construction

Drivers wasted no time in discovering that they can now use Sharp Ave to cross town once again, after its official re-opening on Friday afternoon.

The project’s completion eagerly awaited by residents along the roadway.

“A lot of people have had to park on the side-streets, where the people who live here park, so there’s been a lot of competition for that,” said resident Payton Reuter. “When they were doing construction, it would shake the old houses, and its been loud.”

Students at Gonzaga, also ready to see their walking routes back to normal.

“There would be times trying to get to class the path to the building would be completely blocked off,” said Jackson Scallen.

The fresh road itself comes with a number of upgrades with the city keeping storm-water management in mind. The road represents a pilot project by the city to focus on protecting the Spokane river.

The road is constructed of pervious pavement, asphalt in some parts, concrete in others, which allows run-off to drain through into specially engineered soils which will filter out pollutants.

The road was also decreased to single lane traffic each way, to allow for the construction of a median. That median, serving as both an area for rain and snow run-off to concentrate and to increase safety for pedestrians.

Drivers may also notice a slight tilt to parts of the road.

“We’ve changed how water flows on the street in some blocks, inverting the crown of the road so all the water flows to the center, instead of the side,” said Spokane Mayor David Condon.

Marked parking spaces have also been added, and curbs extended to protect those parked cars.

Another upgrade was replacing a 125 year-old water main underneath the road as well.

“Its been pretty inconvenient to see it happen and to have it continue into the school year,” said Scallen, “but I think it will be worth it in the end.”

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