Shadle Park senior proves to be one of GSL’s after a short time

SPOKANE, Wash. — Watching a sport on television and then going out and trying to master it is easier said than done.  However, for Shadle Park High School Senior Conor Weber that’s exactly what he did when the COVID-19 pandemic began and many sports were shut down.

“I’ve always been kind of involved in sports my whole life. I played baseball forever until now and then basketball for a long time as well, and so those got canceled and golf was what I could do,” said Weber.

Some people work their whole life to get to master the sport of golf, but for Weber, he picked it up during quarantine two years ago.  At first, just playing with his grandfather, but has now become one of the region’s best.

“I just put a lot of work into it, just watched a lot of videos, taken a lot of lessons and just practicing every day,” he added.

“He’s a great role model, somebody who can have the focus and determination to go on youtube and find out how to do a proper swing and work on it, work on it, work on it until the point where he’s shooting 75,” said Chris Sande, the Head Coach at Shadle Park.

The hard work paid off, as Conor made 1st team all GSL his junior year, and so far his best 18 hole round score is four under par.  All this is even more remarkable when you consider golf is one of the most mental sports to play.

“I was pitcher for a long time and so that kind of helps me stay cool under pressure and really focus up when I need to be, not let anger take too much over me,” said Weber.

As a multi-sport athlete, it might be a given Conor was going to excel in golf, but even he’s surprised by the early success on the course.

“Well it’s kind of crazy, I didn’t expect it at all. I guess I really got good, I put time into it and I really love it,” Weber said.

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