Several local breweries join nationwide initiative to fight racial injustice, one beer at a time

Black Is Beautiful
PC: Whistle Punk Brewing

SPOKANE, Wash. — Several Spokane breweries are taking part in a collaborative project that raises awareness about racial injustice.

The Black is Beautiful campaign raises funds for police brutality reform and legal defenses. Weathered Souls Brewing Co. started the initiative. The campaign is inviting breweries from all over the country to participate.

For breweries interested in taking part, the organizers ask that they donate 100% of the beer’s proceeds to local foundations that support police brutality reform and legal defenses. They ask that they also choose their own entity to donate to local organizations that support equality and inclusion. Lastly, they hope that the brewery commits to the long-term work of equality.

Weathered Souls Brewing Co. provides a base recipe for the beer, but it welcomes other breweries to put their own twist on it. Whistle Punk, YaYa, and Lumberbeard collaborated to make a new brew. It’s an imperial stout with toasted coconut, vanilla beans, and cocoa nibs. According to Whistle Punk’s Instagram post, LINC Malt donated grains.

As of Friday morning, more than 800 breweries are participating in the campaign. More than 15 breweries in Washington are participating, according to their website.

Learn more about the Black is Beautiful project HERE.