Several Gonzaga off-campus houses burglarized over winter break, police investigating

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SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane Police Department is investigating several burglaries of Gonzaga off-campus houses over winter break.

SPD’s Patrol Anti-Crime Team (PACT) has confirmed at least seven houses were burglarized, and the ones that had snow build up on the sidewalks — indicating either no one was staying there at the time. Doors were kicked open or forced open, including students’ individually locked bedrooms.

On December 22, a suspect kicked in the door of a house on Indiana but was chased out by a student living there; K9s were unable to find the burglar.

On December 28, police say at least two suspects broke into a house — a student had just returned from winter break and was startled awake by the sound. She hid under her bed, texting her mom to call 911, as she was worried of talking out loud and alerting the burglars to her presence. The student told officers that the suspects were in her house for around 20 minutes before being scared off, and they left some backpacks and stolen items.

Four more burglaries were committed on December 29, plus another on January 1, but no suspects were found at the time.

PACT says they have probable cause for three suspects and have recovered some of the stolen items.