Serial numbers help police recover stolen property

Serial numbers help police recover stolen property

Police say a Spokane man stole some invaluable property, including a jewelry box that belonged to the victim’s deceased wife, but those items were quickly returned thanks to some smart thinking on the property owner’s part.

At the intersection of Nebraska and Perry Monday morning, police say they approached a suspicious vehicle to find the haul of stolen goods. According to court documents, officers noticed a black pickup that had plates belonging to another vehicle. When officers began to approach the truck, they noticed a shotgun in the back.

Police detained the driver, 27-year-old Joshua Hall. In Hall’s pocket police found a stolen pistol. They then obtained a search warrant for the vehicle, and found three stolen rifles inside, along with a jewelry box.

“The traffic stop was done quite quickly after the burglary occurred. We were able to identify those items belonged to somebody else and get them returned and get the person charged quickly,” said Spokane Police Public Information Officer John O’Brien.

O’Brien says they were able to return the items so quickly because the owner of those rifles kept a record of his rifles’ serial numbers. The jewelry box also belonged to that man’s deceased wife.

“The best and quickest way to get those returned to you is to have the serial number for your item written down, or photographed. There’s no doubt that that property belongs to you and we’ll be able to get it back to you,” O’Brien said.

Police say you should be keeping a record of the serial numbers for all your expensive and invaluable items.

“Electronics, firearms, bicycles, things like that that aren’t registered through the state necessarily, but a compact computer may look exactly like the one you have… with that serial number undoubtedly it’s yours,” said O’Brien.

Hall is being held on a $50,000 bond. He faces ten felony charges, including five counts of possession of a stolen firearm and five counts of unlawful possession of a firearm.