Sense of normalcy returns to Main Avenue and its businesses ahead of Memorial Day weekend

SPOKANE, Wash. — The heart of downtown Spokane is starting to feel like normal again.

We’ve gone back to Main Ave. several times throughout the last year and a half. And that’s because the block represents so much of what all of us have gone through during this pandemic.

People filled the block Friday afternoon, walking around and shopping local ahead of what should be a sunny Memorial Day weekend in Spokane.

That’s quite the relief for business owners like Isaac Houger at Piece Pie on Main Ave.

“It was a struggle in 2020, but we’re really seeing a bounce back in 2021,” Houger said.

Whether you run a business or not, we can all relate to that. A long awaited bounce back is finally happening, especially on that block of Main Ave.

“It’s been super nice,” Darcy Levesque said as she enjoyed a stroll through the block Friday. “It’s super nice seeing everybody’s faces and feeling part of a community again.”

People are just happy to get be outside, and businesses are happy to serve them.

“We’re pretty stoked honestly,” A chef at McRuins said. “We’ve all been pretty bored sitting in our houses, and so finally, we get some normalcy and we’re gonna be cooking food.”

That’s what so special about Main Ave. At the start of the pandemic, it looked eerily quiet and missed the people that make it so special. But now, Main Ave. is back.

“When we had to close our doors and just do takeout it broke our heart, because this block has such a life of its own for window shopping and just exploring all the local business down here,” Houger said. “We’re really seeing downtown start to have some life again and some foot traffic.”

That should continue through Memorial Day weekend, and everyone hopes that sense of normalcy is here to stay.

“We’re excited for all the bars to open back up, and hopefully there’s pig out in the park and other community events in the summer,” Levesque said.