Senator Murray questions Spokane VAMC’s preparedness for new electronic health records system

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SPOKANE, Wash. – Senator Patty Murray is questioning whether the Spokane Veterans Affairs Medical Center is prepared to effectively transition a new electronic health record system.

The Spokane VAMC was selected by the Department of Veterans Affairs to pilot the new EHR system starting in March.

According to a release from Murray’s office, the senator, who sits on the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, is concerned about adding a new program amid the center’s already existing challenges.

A report from the VA Inspector General outlined a variety of issues that local veterans face at the Spokane VAMC, including lack of timely access to primary care, limited admissions to the ICU and limited bed availability for the Acute Psychiatric Unite.

“Senator Murray is concerned that the EHR rollout will only serve to compound upon these issues, further limiting veterans’ access to the timely care that they have earned in service to our country,” the release said.

Murray wrote a letter about her concerns to the DVA and encouraged the department to delay the implementation in order to provide care to veterans.

Read the full letter here.