Sen. Murray releases statement on Kavanaugh confirmation to Supreme Court

Sen. Patty Murray (D – WA) released the following statement on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court:

“With this vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh, Senate Republicans have once again failed women and survivors, abdicated the Senate’s constitutional advice and consent role, and undermined the public’s confidence in our nation’s Supreme Court. I am disappointed, frustrated, and angry today–but I’m more motivated than ever to get up tomorrow and keep fighting for the families I represent in Washington state and for the kind of country I know we can be.

“Twenty-seven years ago I watched the Anita Hill hearings with my daughter and got so mad at the way she was treated that I decided to run for the Senate, ignored everyone who told me I had no shot, and won. I had hoped we could have made more progress in the years since, but I am very confident that there are some women and girls watching the Senate these past two weeks who feel the way I did back then, who will channel that anger, and who will be joining me in Congress in the years ahead.”