Sen. Cantwell to hold conference for Spokane Airport expansion funding

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Susan Walsh

SPOKANE, Wash. — Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) will hold a press conference at Spokane International Airport on Wednesday to highlight the facility’s need for an Airport Terminal Program grant.

This competitive grant would help fund Spokane Airport’s Terminal Renovation and Expansion project. Cantwell will discuss how the program will benefit the region and its local economy, along with holding a Q&A with reporters.

The expansion project is scheduled to begin in August, and with ATP funding, the airport can begin Phase I. This will add three additional gates, expand the ticketing area, upgrade mechanical and HVAC systems, and consolidate the baggage system, improving overall accessibility.

Cantwell previously secured $16 million for Spokane Regional Airport in Airport Rescue Grants to help weather the COVID-19 pandemic.

Senator Cantwell, CEO of Spokane Regional Airport Larry Krauter, Spokane Airport Board Chair Collins Sprague, and several others will be in attendance.

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