Secretary of State urges voters to prepare for the election now

SPOKANE, Wash.– The Office of the Secretary of State is recommending voters start preparing for the November election now.

In a statement, elections director Lori Augino highlighted the importance of having accurate information ahead of this year’s vote.

“As Americans our right to vote is sacred, yet with that right comes responsibility,” said Augino. “The key to ensuring our votes matter is to not only know the candidates and understand the issues, but learn how, when, and where to cast our ballots. It is imperative that we encourage voters to get their election information from trusted, reliable sources.”

If you don’t know if you’re registered to vote, check HERE. You can also use that link to check that your address is up to date.

Once your ballot arrives, fill it out and return it. The Office of the Secretary of State said it’s best to return your sealed ballot as soon as possible. You can place it in a USPS mailbox. It must be postmarked by November 3. You can also drop it in an official ballot drop box up to 8 p.m. election night. Find the drop box closes to you HERE.

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