Secretary of state assures Washington voters amid reports of foreign interference

Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman responded to FBI reports of foreign attempts to interfere with the U.S. election on Wednesday, warning voters to be mindful of the information they receive. 

Earlier Wednesday, FBI Director John Ratcliffe warned American voters that both Iran and Russia had obtained voter registration information in an effort to influence how people vote. 

Those efforts included sending videos and emails, trying to persuade people to vote for specific candidates and falsely educate people about voter fraud.  

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“Despite the disinformation circulating from bad actors, know there has been no indication of compromise at the Office of the Secretary of State or with out elections system,” said Wyman.

As of Wednesday, 25% of Washington voters have turned in their ballots. If you haven’t yet, Wyman suggests you vote early, either by mail of make sure to drop your ballot off at an official ballot drop box location.

“Washington voters should continue to be critical of the information they receive on social media from unknown sources, and should report any concerning information they see to their county elections office and the Secretary of State’s Office,” said Wyman.

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