‘Secret Burger’ working with local restaurants to offer special menu items

‘Secret Burger’ working with local restaurants to offer special menu items

Secrets are no fun, unless they’re about food!

‘Secret Burger’ is bringing unique culinary experiences to restaurants all over the Inland Northwest.

It works like this: local chefs collaborate with the company to come up with an off-menu item. The dish is made in limited quantities and tickets are purchased in advanced so kitchens can properly prepare!

Big cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York City have all been holding these fun events, and for the past few months Spokane has been busy putting itself on the map. Every event has sold out- at restaurants like Cochinito Taqueria, Prohibition Gastropub, Zona Blanca- and organizers around the country are starting to notice and beginning to look to Spokane for how it’s being done!

In an effort to constantly keep events exciting, one of the partners with Secret Burger, Kris Kilduff has been hosting pop-up dinners at restaurants, “Rewind Pop-Up Dinners.” Each has a theme, like “Game of Thrones” premiere party. That event sold out in less than 48 hours! The next one up is Saturday Morning Cartoon, which will coincide with Lilac City Comicon. Tickets are available here.

Ten/6 is announcing their first Secret Burger event live this morning on Good Morning Northwest. You can purchase tickets after 6:30am here.

For more information on what Secret Burger is and how it works, check HERE.

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