Seattle’s occupied zone CHOP has ended, according to some organizers

SEATTLE, WA - JUNE 14: An aerial view of a Black Lives Matter mural on East Pine Street near Cal Anderson Park is seen during ongoing Black Lives Matter events in the so-called "CHOP," an area that protesters have called both the "Capitol Hill Occupied Protest" and the "Capitol Hill Organized Protest, on June 14, 2020 in Seattle, Washington. Black Lives Matter protesters have continued demonstrating in what was first referred to as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, which encompasses several blocks around the Seattle Police Departments vacated East Precinct. (Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)

Editor’s note: Despite the claim made on Twitter, people inside the CHOP today say it is not over and that there have been minor changes inside the zone.

SEATTLE, Wash. — The Capitol Hill Occupied Protest in Seattle has concluded, according to a self-described official Twitter account.

The alleged closure comes as Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan moved to “wind down” the autonomous zone following two shootings, as well as dwindling participation.

“Over the last two weeks we achieved what no one thought was possible,” wrote the CHOP account. “We successfully built a self-governing community and convinced city leaders to enact meaningful police reform, including substantial budget cuts to the [Seattle Police Department.”

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“We are now left with the reality that very few people remain in our beloved CHOP,” said the account. “This morning’s census finds fewer than two dozen clustered near the East Precinct… Last night’s [Black Lives Matter] march had 71 participants.”

This CHOP Twitter account announced that efforts will now be geared toward ‘virtual activism.’

“We have been briefed that full rehousing of SPD East Precinct staff into the station will occur no later than early next week,” reported the account, “and will be preceded by removal of barriers and the reopening of streets to traffic.”