Seattle YouTuber and local candle shop raise $41K for Project Beauty Share

SPOKANE, Wash. — We’re finding the helpers in and around our community, including Seattle-based YouTuber Taylor Wynn. She’s been able to use her platform to give back to two Spokane organizations during this pandemic.

“We began our business just over two years ago with $50 on our dining room table,” said Brian Dalrymple, owner of Anchored Northwest.

It’s a story of hope during a time where so many have felt hopeless.

“Fast forward two years later, we are now in over 500 locations in 49 states, including Canada and now in the Netherlands,” said Dalrymple.

Dalrymple and his wife Megan initially started their candle company, Anchored Northwest, as a way to make some extra cash on the side.

“With more people staying home, wanting to burn candles, taking more self-care, we found that it actually made our business boom even more than we ever imagined,” said Dalrymple.

A lesson that even when you feel small, you never know who’s taking notice.

“I featured Anchored Northwest in my favorite products of Etsy video. Tons of you guys have purchased from them,” said Taylor Wynn, Seattle-based YouTuber.

Wynn found Anchored Northwest back in October. She was already involved with another Spokane Organization, Project Beauty Share, a non-profit that gives personal hygiene and beauty products to women in need.

She figured, why not bring the two together?

“I was so excited that two of my favorite organizations and brands were able to come together with me to create this candle,” said Wynn.

“It’s a clean cotton type of laundry smelling candle with a little bit of a twist,” said Dalrymple.

Together, they created a limited edition wood wick candle, “Love you Loads.” 40% of each candle sold will go directly to Project Beauty Share. In just four days, they’ve already raised $41,000.

“Every dollar that comes through the door is crucial. It keeps the lights on. It keeps the ship moving forward,” said Julie Farley, Founder of Project Beauty Share.

“It’s just exciting how this is really going to affect Project Beauty Share and be a real boost for them,” said Dalrymple.

If you’d like to purchase a candle, you still can do so HERE. Anchored Northwest is also looking to hire employees to help them keep up with demand. You can contact them at (509) 418-2838.