Seattle Mayor responds to Spokane’s attempt to lure Seattleites

Seattle Mayor responds to Spokane’s attempt to lure Seattleites

As the city of Spokane continues its push to lure Seattleites across the moutains, Seattle city leaders are starting to take notice.

In 2018, Spokane city leaders devised a plan to invest nearly half a million dollars in the Hacking Washington campaign, an advertising venture which tries to capitalize on how big Seattle is becoming.

The campaign markets Spokane as the perfect alternative for those being squeezed out of Seattle, boasting things like cheaper housing, shorter commutes, and a better environment for companies looking to grow.

Nearly a year after the campaign began, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan responded. In a statement, Durkin said, “Seattle is home to the best companies because we have long been a leading global destination for high-skilled workers and thought leaders. While I hope Spokane continues to grow, there’s no greater city to live, work and enjoy than Seattle.”

Still, those behind the Hacking Washington campaign say the proof of Spokane’s advantages is already showing. In just the last two years, Amazon has decided to build here, Seattle-based pet care company Rover has opened an office here, and most recently Mullen Technologies announced plans to build a luxury sports car here.

Some who live in eastern Washington are against the Hacking Washington campaign or worry it will be too successful and Spokane will start to become another Seattle. In response to those concerns, Spokane Mayor David Condon said, “We’re a long ways from that.”

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