Search party retraces Deanne Hastings’ last known steps

Search party retraces Deanne Hastings’ last known steps

They’ve been searching for her for almost four months now, but the family of a missing Spokane woman still has no answers.

Deanne Hasting has been missing since November and her loved ones say they’ve reached a breaking point. Saturday was Hastings’ 36th birthday. Instead of celebrating, family, friends and total strangers searched for her. The group split up into eight locations where Hastings is believed to be last seen.

“There’s a lot of people showing up and definitely more eyes are better than one,” Mike Tibbets, Hastings’ fiance, said.

Hastings went missing on November 4th, 2015. There weren’t any clues as to why.

“She just kind of disappeared,” Tibbetts said.

It’s unknown if it was foul play or she disappeared on her own accord. Hastings’ family said it’s hard to believe she could have just walked away. The mother of two was starting a new life as a cosmetology student at the Glen Dow Academy. She attended her first day on November 4th, but never returned to school or her Spokane home.

Saturday, volunteers retraced her last steps hoping to find something.

“Searching, and trying to know what’s happened, and you know where she’s at more than anything,” Tibbetts said.

Hastings last used her debit card at a grocery store in Latah Valley and since then her banking activity has stopped all together.

Hastings’ car, with her cell phone and purse inside, were found abandoned in a parking lot near the Knitting Factory.

Then, a month after her disappearance, her driver’s license was discovered outside Sonnenberg’s Deli on Sprague Avenue.

All clues that for now, remain just pieces to a very complicated puzzle.

“If she’s okay I just want her to call someone and let them know she’s okay,” Tibbetts said. “It would bring a lot of relief to a lot of people.”

If you know any information on Hastings’ whereabouts you are asked to call Crime Check at 456-2233.

The group will likely plan another search party. You can check their Facebook page for updates.