Seahawks off-season scramble: fuzzy future and countless free agents

SPOKANE, Wash. — Football season is over for the Seattle Seahawks and this off-season could mean calamity for the team.

What seemed like a hopeful season turned ugly quickly, losing five of their first eight games before the bye week. Wilsons’s injury combined with the defense’s inconsistency created a downward spiral that doomed the team from the start.

This is the first time the Seahawks have been below .500 since 2011, the year after the beast quake. And missing the playoffs combined with not having a first-round pick in the draft might cause a total meltdown for the organization.

Instead of getting the 10th overall pick (which the Jets now have), Seattle has to wait until the 41st pick in the second round. Luckily, they do have six picks this year, which is double what they had from the last draft. But those six picks will not make up for the number of players that could leave before next season.

With unprecedented amounts of free agents on the roster, the team must pick which players to prioritize, and which to let go. Beating the Lions and Cardinals to end the season might have felt good for the 12s, but the players that caused those wins may be gone soon.

Rashaad Penny showed glimpses of being a reliable running back option in the few games he played after his early-season injury. But even he, along with Alex Collins, is a free agent this year and might look elsewhere for a large contract next season.

Also, Russell Wilson is in a whole different conversation. While he looked good for most of the season, his status with the team is relatively unknown. He could very well leave the team for another with a better defense, or stay loyal like he has been. It’s completely up for debate, with no comment from Wilson or the team on his status for next season.

With most of the current roster not guaranteed for next year, the future is blurry for Seattle’s football team.

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